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Charity Smith

Business Support Specialist

Johnson Office




Lynne Murphy

Principal Broker

Johnson Office



Alexa Miller

Business Support Specialist

Johnson Office



Sarah Sagawa

Transaction Coordinator

Johnson Office




Craig Weintz

I wanted to take a moment to share with you how thankful I feel knowing that Charity is a part of our team at NW Johnson. From day one Charity has always been willing to assist me in any way that she can so that my work load and tasks are lighter. She is always welcoming and friendly. Even though I know that I must interrupt her, she has never made me feel like a nuisance or a bother. Charity always makes it seem like I am the most important person she is working with at the time. She is professional, kind, and respectful. It is such a privilege to work with Charity. I just thought you should know how grateful I feel.


Rene Susak

Charity has a first-rate work ethic and a pleasant, positive attitude; she is an asset to the Windermere Johnson Office team.  Charity understands the mechanics of a real estate transaction and her help with the administrative aspects of my business is invaluable.  Charity is able to multi-task an always makes me feel that my business is her top priority – she makes my job easier!


Todd Talcott

Available with a smile.  Charity has helped me advance in my career as an agent tremendously! I do not know where I would be without her help.  I have asked for her assistance on many projects and tasks and she is always ready to help with a smile!  We are truly blessed to have Charity as part of our team at Windermere. 


Ann Thompson

Charity Smith is one of the best professionals I have ever worked with: her work is detailed, error-free, and delivered with smile.  She handles a seriously stressful position which requires constant multi-tasking, and never loses her cool. I don't know how she does it.  No matter what we ask, she delivers.  We couldn't ask for better.


Macey Laurick

Charity is one of the hardest working people I know. She always shows up with a smile and is willing to help with any task. She will do what it takes to get the job done in a timely manner.


Jan Cohen

Charity is a tremendous support to my business. She proactively reaches out to me to see how she can help and she turns around quality work quickly. She never says "no" and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to supporting me in marketing, website, and administrative functions. I'm so glad to have her on my team!


James Loos

In concert with her ability to problem solve, her willingness to take on any task, Charity embodies professionalism & kindness. If I could pick anyone to be on my staff, Charity would be at the top of the list.


Cary Perkins

Charity Smith is such an important part of our office team – day in and day out she’s there for us.  Sometimes when I’m at the end of my rope, she throws me a lifeline!  She knows when to offer help, and quickly and cheerfully saves the day!  She has also assisted me with important work for the Windermere Foundation, securing prizes for our raffle and volunteering to help at our events.  I seriously think the world of sweet Charity – she’s so appropriately named!  


Patti Shmilenko

I have worked with Charity for several years, and I can honestly say she is the best. I give her mundane work to complete for me and she Always responds with a smile and "no problem I'm Happy to Assist" I just love that in her. So very hard to find competent people to come along side you in helping make you successful. Without Charity I would not be able to provide my clients with the best service possible. I would highly recommend Charity and anyone who is so lucky to have her, is lucky indeed! 


Aladdin Marashly

Charity has an amazing gift of making any difficult task seem effortless. Over and over again Charity delivers top-notch, on time and up to date support for our continuously changing business. Her impeccable work ethics and positive attitude are inspiring as they are highly productive. Charity is a major asset to our office.


Dennis Laird

Charity Smith is instrumental as a support for my business. Charity is able to take on weekly projects from filing to updating my website and blog. I find Charity to be dedicated, reliable and very organized.


Erin Bergstrom

How do I even begin to sing the praises high enough for Charity. Her help and support are instrumental in my success in real estate. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge, calm demeanor and positive attitude are just a few of her attributes. Charity helps me on a regular basis navigate all the many tasks required. She is up to date on her computer skills and easily problem solves when the time comes. Charity is hard working, dynamic and such an important part of our Johnson Office. I always look forward to coming in to the office knowing she will be here and have my back. She is one in a million.


Tamra Dimmick

Charity Smith is the "cherry on top" at our office.  She has a wealth of Windermere knowledge and an abundance of creative and organizational skills to support her colleagues.  Charity works diligently every day for us, always with a smile and a sweet authenticity

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